Conrod screws

small-batch production of no longer available special screws

Formerly in high amounts and at affordable prices available mounting parts like screws can become something of an issue.

Conrod screws, cylinder head screws or crankshaft screws are often expansion bolts. This kind of  screws is stretched and weakened at every mounting procedure. They need to be replaced after only one assembly - otherwise the risk of a serious engine damage is very high.

What to do, if the screws are no longer available?

We from con-SEPT will be pleased if we can make you an offer for remanufacturing your screws by sample. We deliver single screws. Or small series with your requested quantities. The costs are not too high.

The example shows a conrod screw for historic tractors. We have remanufactured a small batch of the screws. The sample was measured exactly. To be sure that the srews behave like the original while thightened, the material of the sample was investigated.


Conrod bolt for historic tractor engine


Measuring, design, quality check


Parts dealer

project period