Sliding bush

Re-design of a sliding bush for Mercedes classic car

In the 1960s the single joint pendulum axle was the best solution for the luxury model of Mercedes-Benz, the W108. At that time, these complex parts had undergone a long development process and were produced with technologies close to the feasible limits of that time. The sliding bush has to compensate for the length difference when the wheel is moving up and down and at the same time transfer the torque. Especially this last point is the biggest challenge. The engines up to an engine capacity of 6.3L create a respectable torque.

Thanks to the latest technologies in machining and heat treatment, we re-designed and - most important - improved this part. The design has slightly changed to have increased wall thicknesses, without changing the outer dimensions.

For the re-design we applied 3D scanning methods. After studying used parts, the critical points and the wear were located. Our finite element calculations have made it possible to strengthen these points and improve the part. The part is now produced from solid.

After applying the parts in customer cars, we are happy to say that no wear at all is visible after more than 10.000km, which is a nice reward of our development, performed for this complicated component.


Sliding bush for rear axle


Design, optimisation and production


Classic car traders

project period

2018 / 2019