SAS Spring testers

SAS Spring testers

Springs and elastic components are used in many different applications. To guarantee the quality of the parts, the springs as well as the assemblies need to get tested. SAS spring testers are extremely accurate, robust and easy to use. We use the spring testers to test the valve springs for our customers to assure the quality of our components.


Since 2021 con-SEPT is the agent for the SAS testers and supplies the spring testers to several customers like engine builders, engine overhaul companies, Oil and Gas industry and motorsports customers. Not only tensile, compression and torsion springs can be tested, also complete assemblies or the stiffness of plastics and foams. Depending on the application and how often the parts need to be tested, we offer manual, automatic and fatigue testers in many different loads, from 0,2N until 50.000N.



SAS Spring testers


Testing of comporession, tensile and torsional springs


Motorsports, reconditioning, large diesel engines, automotive, oil and gas industry, suppliers of furniture and household equipment

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